Date: 2014 / Sector: Product
Services: Brand Design, Graphics, Naming, Point of Sale
We were asked to develop a launch plan and retail tools for Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss beer. The brand has ambitions to quench the thirst of sophisticated females and mainstream girlie girls. We responded with a fun and flexible design solution that employs a full typographic background filled with key words relating to the unique brand attributes and the drinking occasion. A custom stem-ware solution was decided upon to add a feminine touch to a traditionally masculine serving ritual, along with a unique garnish of starfruit.
Easily executed across both in-store activation and POS material, the chalkboard texture with hints of purple and pink in the typography tie into the brand packaging. The font choices add a ‘cute’ element that is easily translated into any number of promotional materials, and although feminine in look and feel, it is not blatantly non-masculine. 
Cheers to that!
Supporting Designers: James Falloon, Colby Fulton, Nicholas Monahan, Richard Moy
Agency: me&lewis ideas inc.

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